Open Horizon progress report

New build for windows will be automatically compiled on every commit, so it’s now possible to get the most fresh build rather then waiting for the next release. I will also be notified if I break linux build.

latest_win32 status:

Open Horizon is now multithreaded and I see good performance improvement on my macbook air.

Various graphical improvements: shadows, heat effect, sun shafts, better missile trails, fixed landscape seams and tree imposters, etc.

XBox controller should work fine now, but since I can’t get it working correctly in wireless mode, I will try some other input library in the future.

I don’t have much time to work on this project but will continue occasionally improving it.

Open Horizon 7.5th demo

The main feature of this demo is location convertor, currently works for AC5, ACZ and AC6. Others will be supported (I hope) in the future releases. This is not the final version of this demo, still working on features, please help me with testing.

What’s new:

  • Location convertor — height map, geometry and textures
  • Campaign mode

I’m still working on:

  • Difficulty settings
  • Example campaign
  • Ground units

Not included in this release:

  • Trees, clouds, location render settings (sun position, specular amount, etc)
  • Optimizations. Current version produces unoptimized data in terms of speed and size: inefficient formats, lacks texture compression, instancing, etc.
  • Location objects collision data
  • Optional objects

Download early version: Demo 7.5 alpha2

Update 3 Jan: fixed location loading, menu, low start height in free-flight mode

How to use location convertor: drop the tool near DATA.TBL and DATA.PAC (AC5, AC Zero) or DATA.TBL, DATA00.PAC and DATA01.PAC (AC6), run the tool, wait until it finish, copy locations/ to Open Horizon folder. This version of the tool cannot operate on .ISO files directly, so you have to extract it first. Note that XBox360 disc’s content does not appears in windows explorer and requires additional extract tool.

AC6 location progress

Looks bad without lighting, fog and color correction, but at least everything is in place and not broken.Update: And when I thought everything is going fine now, I saw this:The height of this area is exactly 9999 meters, so it’s not a bug, just some weird special case I need to take into account.

A site to store mods

You can share your custom decals on  Open Horizon Booru

    1. Take screenshot of your decal ingame
    2. Upload your decal zip to for example:
    3. Add post to the booru with a link to the uploaded file in the Source field

Decal creating guide: How-to-create-custom-decals

If you have problems with posting or just feel lazy to create an account, you can send your mods me and I’ll post it

Campaign mode

Menu in Open Horizon is now lua-scripted, with the ability to load other scripts from campaign/ folder. And that means that all the power of lua can be used to create custom campaigns with their own logic. Example campaign will be included in the upcoming demo.

I wish THE Ace Love iDOL: Live Combat M@STER! was a real thing.

I’m going to release new version of Open Horizon this year.

Some progress

I’ve got some progress loading ps2-era locations. Still a lot of research to be done until I’ll actually start implementing the converter. I’m going to implement locations convert tool instead of direct loading to support HD restoration.

A little break

Recently, I’ve been spending all my free time on Open Horizon to get the demo out of the door. As a result, I now have a huge unread pile of ranobe that has been recommended to me. So I’m taking a break from development until I catch up on my reading.