Open Horizon progress report

New build for windows will be automatically compiled on every commit, so it’s now possible to get the most fresh build rather then waiting for the next release. I will also be notified if I break linux build.

latest_win32 status:

Open Horizon is now multithreaded and I see good performance improvement on my macbook air.

Various graphical improvements: shadows, heat effect, sun shafts, better missile trails, fixed landscape seams and tree imposters, etc.

XBox controller should work fine now, but since I can’t get it working correctly in wireless mode, I will try some other input library in the future.

I don’t have much time to work on this project but will continue occasionally improving it.

9 thoughts on “Open Horizon progress report

  1. Nice to see you back in action. Anw are you interest in modding Ace Combat 7? We are looking for a way to implement models to the game using other game’s assets (ie ACAH/ACI) . It’d be nice if you can lend us a hand 🙂

    1. sorry, I don’t have enough time even for open horizon and have more interest in exploring holy trinity’s resources rather then ac7.

      1. Hello, it was a long time since i replied from the 6th demo if i remember by memory. Unfortunately i noticed the project interrest gone downhill thanks to AC7 release, and also ACAH’s retirement from Steam(excluding the legal ways to adquire it) didn’t help either. Mostly Open Horizon progess did slow down most part of lack of time, and interest(seeing from a long time ago you gave up from the project by lack of interest), not counting also the code patching nightmare which you did mentioned in one of the blog posts. i not sure if you still yet follow social medias(probably not due you don’t like instant mensengers neither), but i did met interresing people in the reverse enginering part, names like Krishty in ZFX Developia(which reverse enginered AC2 and AC3 assets, also interresed in PS2 ones), Lotsbiss(veteran AC modder which used extracted assets from the trinity in HAWX mods), and also a guy called DtheDog(which in YT is known more as Charles Charleston), in his last report, he did managed to extract the RAW contents from the holy trinity in a similar folder structure as Krishty. Considering those is from your interrest, feel free to check his current website about the documentation of the method of it, not sure if you are yet with plans of improving the location converter with them. Also, i know you won’t work for grey area methods, but recently i was working into a ACAH dumping and modding with qdf_tool, however, some content, like the Shinden textures, are located inside the DATA.PAC from the target folder, which uses a DPL type, i know in fact you used them as a converter to inject data into Nyaa Engine, but i would like to know if converting them in a standalone tool, alike to a qdf_tool with the code would be possible, or at least, some documentation from the DPL format in C Sharp format, but understand if isn’t working 100% thanks by begin a XOR encryption.

  2. Just discovered this. You’re doing some very interesting things.

    I don’t have any experience modding games or working with code, but I would like to offer some of my time if you need help with stuff.

  3. Is the Open Horizon mode over?
    All mod download links are all errors and we only have 7.5 demo news.
    I wonder when the download link can be recovered.

  4. Highly doubt this will get responded to. Mainly just wanted to talk about ace combat stuff. Thought it would be interesting to talk to a dev for a project like this

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