Open Horizon progress demonstration 5

There are a lot of tasks done in this version, like collisions, hud and special weapons, but the most important is that since this release Open Horizon finally feels like an Ace Combat game. It’s not yet feature complete, but already playable and fun.

This release also featuring experimental multiplayer, but don’t expect much – this is the first row implementation and requires a lot of additional work, so expect lags and report bugs.

There is no more requirement to run Open Horizon from ACAH folder, you can run it from other location and will be asked to specify resources path.

Download: Open Horizon 5th Demo

My experience with Ubuntu Touch development.

It’s been a while since I bought myself a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition phone, but I finally found time and motivation to learn more about this new mobile platform from Canonical. I chose to port Allegro game library and my pet project, Return of Dr. Destructo, which is presently also nearing release on iOS and Android as a commercial app, to that platform. This post, however, won’t be very specific to my own projects, but can be used as a general set of answers to some problems with Ubuntu Touch-targeted development of OpenGL apps.

The worst thing about developing for a new platform is lack of coherent documentation. Even Windows Phone, with MSDN and Microsoft’s large workforce had this problem in the beginning, as it was impossible to google answers to even the simplest questions. In this post, I will try do document some peculiarities, problems and solutions of developing an OpenGL application (namely, a game) for Ubuntu Touch. If you’re more interested in developing apps with native UI (QML, QtQuick), then it will be slightly less useful to you, but you may still find something here.

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