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Open Horizon 7th Demo (MacOS X, Windows and Linux versions).

If it doesn’t run on windows, install vcredist x86

Most recent development build: latest_win32 status:


Open Horizon on GitHub

Project roadmap

Build instructions

Older downloads:

Open Horizon 6th Demo (MacOS X, Windows and Linux versions).

Open Horizon 5th Demo (MacOS X, Windows and Linux versions).

Open Horizon 4rd Demo (MacOS X, Windows and Linux versions).

Open Horizon 3rd Demo (MacOS X, Windows and Linux versions).

Open Horizon 2nd Demo (MacOS X and Windows versions).

Note that you will need resource files from the original game to run demo!

Don’t forget to copy DATA.PAC.xml, postprocess.txt and shaders as well.

Use 1-2 to change locations, 3-4 to change planes and 5-6 to change plane paint.

Open Horizon Demo (MacOS X and Windows versions).

QDF Tool (MacOS X and Windows versions).

Example usage (copy inside AH’s folder): qdf_tool extract_all unpacked/

80 thoughts on “Open Horizon Downloads

  1. man , you are working on open horizon project so slowly . I check your website everyday but there is no enough progress . why ?

  2. Hi there again . you are doing great . I love your ideas and reaaaaalllllly can’t wait to see the demos . Please release a demo of what you have done until now . I loooooooove to see what is going on . I know you have a loooong way to final demo . But it would be great and lovely to see what is going on . I appreciate your hard work . I just can’t wait .

  3. Thank you for 3rd Demo . That was cool . I checked out weapons bay and cockpit and HUD views . Your work was great man .

      1. Thank you . I appreciate your efforts my friend . I wait until your next demo is ready and I am sure that it will be great as before .

  4. You are doing a great job , thank you . I wonder that can you consider these features in deathmatch :
    1- single deathmatch like ACAH & Team deathmatch like Vector Thrust .
    2- Either random and selectable planes and paints for enemies and friends ( like Vector Thrust ) because ACAH deathmatch planes were pain in the ass ( there were a few just specified planes as below )
    fighters : typn & f14d
    multiroles : j39c & mr2k
    attackers : f02a & a10a
    Helicopters : ah64
    3- Selecting balance for friends and enemies ( like 8vs8 – 12vs4 for harder or easier DM )
    4- Selecting skill level for friends & enemies .
    I know that those features are hard to create but I wanted to know if it would be possible .
    Thank you again for your great creation .

    1. I’m afraid you expecting too much from the first gameplay demo. Only basic mechanics will be available, and bot’s skill would be zero to none.

  5. I’m sorry . I agree with you in this case . You’re right . But consider those features for next demos please . They are so fun .

  6. Man , I’m dying to see 3rd demo and can’t wait . Just one step is remained and I am counting seconds to see it . Thanks .

  7. Hi , How are you my friend ? I’m back . Sorry for my Absence . I had a huge family problem and away for a long time . I saw the 3rd Demo and liked it specially menus based on original game . Although the gameplay has a long way to completion ( I know that you had hard a great work on creating that ) . The gamepad settings are static and cannot be changed easy even by configuring the .xml file ( I use PC gamepad ) . Can you bring back changing planes, paints & maps shortcuts during playing ? That was a cool feature and I liked it a lot . And in plane selection menu , can you put all planes names in one page by using all directions ( left right up down ) not just by up & down ?

  8. Demo 4 release time: soon. Updated roadmap to release demos more often (sounds ironic as I had abandoned project for half a year)

    1. That is great man , thank you so much . I’m looking forward to see the next Demo release . Thank you for all of your efforts to developing this project . Have you heard that the next Ace Combat is to be released for PS4 ?

  9. Thanks for the new release . that was great . it is just getting better and better . I wait for next release .

  10. Hey , what is “Resources research progress” for ? Do you want to use the ACs music , sound and sayings ?

    1. I want to be able to use any ace combat game’s resources in Open Horizon. Like, PC version of AC6 or AC5 remake with AH assets.

      1. Wow , that would would be a hugh progress . That is like a miracle . I bet all AC fans and Project Aces guys would be surprised man .

        1. Not anytime soon. It’s a low priority task I do when I’m stalled with others.

  11. The latest release is fabulous . It is becoming more & more near raw experience playing classic ace combats . Thank you for your time & energy . I demand camera controls & joystick config to be available in the next release , cause they are more necessary for playing better .

    1. You can configure controls via joystick.xml, but you have to find section for your joystick. Probably, the last one. It’s my fault to put the most used section last.

  12. I use PC joystick and in the joystick.xml I saw the configs but you are using button 0 as one of the buttons and because there is no such button in PC joysticks it will make conflict . And about camera controls , if you can put camera lock on enemy target it will be great to play . I know that you have put that in 9th demo but it will help better playing .

  13. Man , You are going suuuuuuupersonic at mach 9999 speed . That is great .But I wish you could make “Configure controls menu” available sooner like the next release , that would be awesome . And “Level editor” , “Decal mods” ? Man , this is a dream coming true . Thank you .

  14. I saw for some minutes age that you are working on configure joystick . I have a request about that : Please make a config that let us override our config over yours , cause in previous releases even when I changed values in joystick.xml nonetheless your default configs always would override mine . For example ( I’m using PC joypad ) I set my joypad R2 button for Yaw right but cause you set that to pause the game , after applying my settings the R2 did both yaw right and pause ! I know that I want to much but if you could put “lock on target camera like triangle button on PS controller in Ace Combat games” it would add a tremendous fun to this release : voice music , sound effects , joystick config , decal mods aaaaaaaaaaaand lockon target camera : woooooow a dreamy ace combat !!

  15. FPS is great , once tried multiplayer with myself , opened 3 instances in one OS and it was good . It is better to try it on real situations like many different persons on different computers . Camera ( lock on target ) was very good , just one thing : as soon as the target is killed when you are holding look button , camera instantly switches on next target ( this is kind of good and it is like PSP Ace Combats but in my opinion you better make it like PS2 titles so : when target is killed camera lock remains on it then after some seconds auto switch on the next target ) and also switch to next target after killing is very fast ( instant without start and end time ) make it kind of slow and your release will glow 🙂 . AI is great for now and sometimes is too great cause many enemies attack you altogether . While changing targets , the next target is often faaaaar ones ! my offer : changing target priority based on the ones that nearer the central point of view and less distance to you ( nearer ) ! There are so many things I can tell you but I know you are just ONE GREAT AND ALONE GUY on this project and I want too much , so I wait and tell you little by little ! I want to introduce you and your project to my buddies in my steam profile ( ace combat , vector thrust and HAWX ) . I am sure they will love you and your work . Maybe there would be one or more guys like you among them to help developing project .

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Don’t hesitate to report issues and suggestions so I can fix/implement sooner.

  16. Hi , If that would be Ok , I wanted to compile your project with Cmake . I’m using Windows 7 64 and have installed various Microsoft Visual C++ Ridistributable x86 & x64 ( various years and version from before ) , but when I click on generate button I get following error :
    CMake Error: CMake was unable to find a build program corresponding to “Visual Studio 11”. CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM is not set. You probably need to select a different build tool.
    CMake Error: Could not find cmake module file:E:/ace/zxstudio open horizon/open-horizon-master 20160527/open-horizon-master/CMakeFiles/CMakeCCompiler.cmake
    CMake Error: Could not find cmake module file:E:/ace/zxstudio open horizon/open-horizon-master 20160527/open-horizon-master/CMakeFiles/CMakeCXXCompiler.cmake
    Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
    I have even installed Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 and didn’t make it then .
    In Cmake I choose various visual studio 8-9-10-11 and tried various Cmake versions : 2.8.9 & 3xx but nothing already . Even tried visual studio itself by executing open-horizon-demo.vcxproj in DEMO folder but got error :
    E:\ace\zxstudio open horizon\open-horizon-master 20160605\open-horizon-master\deps\nya-engine\build\vs2015\nya_engine_desktop_opengl.vcxproj : error : Project “E:\ace\zxstudio open horizon\open-horizon-master 20160605\open-horizon-master\deps\nya-engine\build\vs2015\nya_engine_desktop_opengl.vcxproj” could not be found.
    What should I do ? Can you guide me ?

    1. Have you cloned git recursively? Also, you don’t have to use CMake on windows, I already ship vs2015 project

    1. Try

      git clone --recursive

      in git console

  17. Some notes , points & suggestions :
    1 – Remember when playing AC5&Zero ? While thrusting and breaking in 3 views ( in normal view , in lock on target view , and around view with right analog ) the player plane moves forward and back ( with engines and plane parts reactions ) fast . That was beautiful . If you have played Vector Thrust you can see this in that game too , if you don’t get my meaning you can re-play AC5&Zero to see what I mean . Can you put it in Open Horizon ?
    2 – Weapon Selection in the plane selections menu like original ACAH ! And a crazy idea : Can you make it like we can have 3-4 types of arms altogether and switch among them in the game ! I remember If not considering normal missiles , fighters and attackers have 2 and multi-roles have 3 types of special weapons . Imagine that we can use all of them altogether in DM , TDM or a mission !! That would be fun !
    3 – In deathmatch and team deathmatch the attackers and bombers are not playable ( I know that bombers are not supposed to have normal missiles and are useless in these kind of games , but you can make them have missiles right ? )
    4 – In deathmatch and team deathmatch the enemies ( or allies ) are fixed and are not like random ! I think they always sorted from the top to bottom based on plane selections menu like : f22a , su47 , yf23 , su35 …….. !! can you make them random OR create a menu GUI ( like vector thrust deathmatch ) so we can choose them ! Have you ever played original ACAH deathmatch ? that is so boring and tiring when you are alone and playing with BOTS cause they are not random or selectable , for example they are always typn f14d etc. !
    5 – How about putting Capital conquest , Domination and co-op missions in Open Horizon ?
    6 – Can you make player planes camera more far like AC4-5-Z-6 . That was very pretty !
    7 – Remember playing AC3-4-5-Z in cockpit view and ( eye view – I don’t know how to call this view ) ? While playing in these views and you are locked on target or using right analog view , a curser cone ( like the one you are using in normal view that points and shows target ) will appear and shows player plane position and angle , so without seeing your own plane you can control it well , Namco guys have removed this great feature in ACAH !! if you don’t get my meaning you can re-play AC3-4-5-Z to see what I mean ! Can you put it in open Horizon ?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1 – correct camera behaviour is planned for the 8th demo
      2 – right now I’m stick to the original AC behaviour
      3 – attackers – yes, but I don’t think there is any sense using B2 in a dogfight 🙂 That may be an option when I add custom planes.
      4 – random choice would not be the problem
      5 – I’d like to, but according to the survey nobody plays multiplayer and want to play AC4-6 missions instead.
      6 – see 1

  18. I forgot to ask : You want to use original ACAH missions too ? I always liked to play some LIMITED mission without DFM without planes limits ( like using bombers fighters multi-roles and attackers freely in ms09 hostile fleet ms10 launch and other missions like ms08 pipeline and ms08x siege ) !

    1. I have no plans to use existing missions or recreate missions by myself. Only some example missions.

  19. Ok . What about 7 notes of mine at 09.07.2016 at 01:14 in this page ? Have you seen them ?

  20. I see ! there isn’t any commit for 6 days ! why ? Been on a trip ? girlfriend ? Another project ? Please , I am counting hours and days to see the next Demo !

  21. O my god , just BOMBS has been remained for 7th Demo ! Can you finish it tonight ? ( I know that you have moved “Convertor for AC4-6 locations” to 8th Demo , I think because of its complexity ) . I can’t wait any longer ! My body aches for the seeing 7th Demo even without “Convertor for AC4-6 locations” !!!

    1. This weekend is more realistic date. Besides many types of bombs(RKTL, LAGM, BDM, UGB, 4AGM, GPB) with different behavior and additional HUD elements, there are bunch of small tasks I didn’t put in the roadmap. Sorry for the wait.

  22. No problem man , your work is so hard , I understand you . Your work is so worthy , so waiting and motivating you is the least what I can do . I’ll wait until you release next Demo ! Some request : how about the feature that you hold missle button ( circle button in PS ) and camera pursuits the missile until it hits target or ground … Remember this on ps xbox ?

  23. Hi Razgriz – I have done a lot of work in the past editing and making new textures for the HAWX games, and would love to get access to the dds files for. I have tried opening the QDF files, but its not my strong point, and I can’t find them on your GitHub page. Do you have a way to access them you can share?

    1. Download and run. If it doesn’t run, and you have windows, install vcredist x86 from the link on top.

  24. Just discovered this from an old thread but this project would be like a dream come true. I see that the github is still receiving attention but even as a pretty dedicated fan of AC I had no idea this existed. You should talk to the Ace Combat Fan, I’m sure he’d be willing to spread the word of your amazing work.

  25. i like the planes and the fact that it has free flight but i cannot get my xbone controller to work. i hope you fix this issue soon because i would love to actually play your demo

    1. Have you tried latest_win32 version? Also I’ve tested xbone controller only in wired mode because win10 doesn’t recognize my bluetooth adaptor, guess I have to buy another one.

  26. Hi, I’m quite an enthousiast and would like to get it to run. Where can I find the “original game” that you talk about?

      1. Is the Open Horizon mode over?
        All mod download links are all errors and we only have 7.5 demo news.
        I wonder when the download link can be recovered.

  27. Is the Open Horizon mode over?
    All mod download links are all errors and we only have 7.5 demo news.
    I wonder when the download link can be recovered.

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