The story behind The Bug: undying Cairn Wights

Original post at Pathfinder CRPG – Wrath of the Righteous page in Facebook.

Creating computer games is a tricky business, and all good tricks include a lot of smoke, mirrors and hidden trapdoors. Sometimes, though, the smoke gets sucked into the trapdoor and the assistant’s twin walks head-first into the mirror because she can’t see anything. In the case of computer games, this usually leads to bug reports. This series of posts offers a behind the scenes look at some of the notable bugs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Pathfinder tabletop system is incredibly complex. It includes a huge number of interacting rules and content based on said rules, which sometimes overrides them and creates special cases. Because of that, even a simple question like “how much damage can that character do” requires complex calculations. Of course, we make these calculations whenever the character attacks someone, but that’s not the only time when we need minimum and maximum damage values.

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