Open Horizon progress demonstration 5

There are a lot of tasks done in this version, like collisions, hud and special weapons, but the most important is that since this release Open Horizon finally feels like an Ace Combat game. It’s not yet feature complete, but already playable and fun.

This release also featuring experimental multiplayer, but don’t expect much – this is the first row implementation and requires a lot of additional work, so expect lags and report bugs.

There is no more requirement to run Open Horizon from ACAH folder, you can run it from other location and will be asked to specify resources path.

Download: Open Horizon 5th Demo

11 thoughts on “Open Horizon progress demonstration 5

  1. Getting everytime a 0xc000007b error when i try run the demo, even with the recent updates for Windows 7 already installed.

      1. Still not working, even with the VC packs of the links installed on my PC.

          1. Sorry for the late reply, but good news, i got to 5th Demo working here.

            Before it was not working due by the C++ Redistributable Update 1 link from windows was broken, then i only have downloaded and installed the main Redistributable and the update 2 only. then the way i got to get update 1 installed was thanks by installing PCSX2 1.4.0, which installed Update 1, then it worked.

            Also gonna been testing the 6th demo soon, i can´t test now because sadly my main computer motherboard got damaged on a storm, so temporally i will need been using my laptop, and due my laptop have a lower setup compared to my main computer setup, i can´t run assault horizon on it.

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