Turn-based mode in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

So, both me and Razgriz were pretty silent for a long while. Sorry about that, changes in our lives, etc. etc. I, for one, joined the illustrious Owlcat Games studio to work on Pathfinder: Kingmaker and future CRPGs. Here’s an article I wrote about my experience on adding turn-based mode to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, which is what I, along with my colleagues, were working for quite a while:


I'm a video games programmer. I have worked in game industry since 2008 on MMOs and mobile games, but now I work for Owlcat Games on great old-school RPGs. In my free time, I like to play rock'n'roll on my guitar and travel.

3 thoughts on “Turn-based mode in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

  1. Hi . Do you know where is Razgriz and what is He/She doing about open horizon ? we don’t have any news about him/her lately or better to say for a long time and we are worry .

    1. Hi. Razgriz is OK, but he can’t promise anything about Open Horizon, since the project became kinda obsolete. He tells me it’s even impossible now to legally acquire the resources from the original game that are necessary to run OH. There might be some updates in the future, but ETA is uncertain. In general, I think you can consider the project to be more-or-less abandoned. If any enthusiasts are willing to continue the work, the code is open.

      1. Yeah, in fact it sucks the project got a huge disadvantage thanks to this occurence from last year, giving some context for people curious, on 2019, mostly on the end of it, Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition went unlisted from public purchases on Steam and Humble, so after the good offers, the game went out in a similar way it occured on 2016 with his PS3 and X360 versions along with DLC, so for newcomers that would like to try Open Horizon, they wouldn’t have such choices unless for doing “grey area” shenanigans, which is a huge disapprovement from most users, even more from Razgriz, who always avoided to violate the rules of reverse enginerring the game during the project.

        In fact, nice to see he’s fine, since in fact this year turned out to be very infamous for “obvious reasons”, even more from the brief posts, i see he got such a interresing hobby life for himself outside from AC and Open Horizon stuff, mostly i did got interrest at first on the project even more it was during the time i contributed anonymously to it by sending the files from Ace Combat Infinity, which i remember well Razgriz said it would avoid touching until the game went down even before the blog edits it did come for shortering the text and removing this mention(for people curious, it occured on “Resource Research”)

        Even probably Open Horizon will be cancelled by definitive unless the next people that take control thanks to the Open Source on Git, i hope Razgriz may still researching on his porting stuff for Holy Trinity as a hobby project yet, since even now a recent friend of mine, which i mentioned, called Charles, did created a website and started posting stuff related to extraction of the Holy Trinity containers without encryptions, and also texture and model porting, of course, if i may did something wrong, feel free to patch this comment, but will be linking his website in case, due is something in fact is still from interrest of him as an AC fan.

        I did also a brief post mentioning about the situation it occured, as some people was worried about what happend, despite i respect the choice of Razgriz not using SNS nor IMs like Discord, i wanted to just report what happend, give some opnion and backstory of the project, and also i said for people trying to avoid spamming here on ZX Studio, due mostly it would sucks a lot of comments of AC fans to come and bother the whole comment section just for that, even more that mostly Max, in fact is the website owner, giving a warn that probably some people may ignore and start doing this by their own will, but will be asking sorry in case for any conveniences, at least i just wanted to report some of my opnions with news, of a project in fact did discovered, and followed in 2014.

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