5 thoughts on “Some progress

  1. A question. When you load maps with a stationary superweapon, such as Stonehenge, Excalibur, and Chandelier, are those weapons part of the map or do you have to add them in separately?

    1. I don’t know 🙂 There is a bigger mystery: there are ~70 (mostly similar) location files in PS2 resources (99 in AC4), with even more locations inside some locations (am I out of index somewhere??). I’m only converting first ones for testing now. There will be interesting exploring process when I’ll finish the convertor. As for AC6, I have found 15 mission locations, but I can’t load the buildings yet.

  2. I haet refactoring. Rewriting tons of code with the only thought “I hope nothing will be changed when I’ll finish”. Good thing that it seems that NDXR mesh format is the same as in ACAH, except endianness.

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