Weekly update. Less words, more progress.

So I missed a whole week this time. But I have an excuse, or even a pair of them! First, I’ve been working on the new menus’ UI all this time, and now it’s nearly finished, though a few rough spots remain here and there, mainly due to gamepad support being somewhat inconsistent. The new controls menu with support for gamepad and (in future) touch controls also took some time to get right.

Another excuse is, Wasteland 2 came out. And it’s good. No, it’s not astonishing, and it probably will never achieve such cult status as Fallout did, but it’s quite enjoyable once you get past the brutality of first-levels combat, and so I spend some of my free time playing it instead of coding.

Here’s a screenshot of the new menu UI. It’s quite similar to mock-ups that I posted before, no big surprises here, but it’s an actual, in-game screenshot, just to document progress I’m making.

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Weekly update. CMaking it so.

I missed the Monday with a weekly update, didn’t I? Also, most of the rest of the week. Not that I’m really on a tight schedule here, since I guess I have about two regular readers. But it’ a slippery slope, which ends with only writing to this blog two times a year, and I’m hoping to avoid it. So, here’s the latest news.

We’ve made some more progress on UI, and now have a final variant. I’m now waiting for Oleg to create a texture atlas out of it, so I can finally begin programming.

Since there wasn’t much to do on coding front last week, I concentrated on two thing: making Return of Dr Destructo easier to compile and checking out a new feature of Emscripten called Asyncify.

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Weekly Update: UI and difficulty

In this weekly update, I would like to talk about game’s difficulty, options and UI.

The modern notion is that game’s options should be as simple as possible. It is even preferable if a game has no options at all, which is often the case for browser and mobile games. While I see some validity in this point of view, I simply can’t embrace it. For me, exploring various menus, ways of tweaking a game, was always a pleasant part of experience, especially when it comes to difficulty options.
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Weekly Update: Time Is Running Out

I have nothing to show you from Return of Dr. Destructo this week, since the changes I’ve made are important, but invisible. So let’s talk instead about other people’s games.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been replaying one of the lesser-known, but still much loved turn-based squad tactic games, Blue Byte’s Incubation: Time is running out. I bought it on Good Old Games as a part of Battle Isle pack some time in the past year, but I have already played it before, long ago, and remembered it fondly. Well, let me tell you that replaying it didn’t disappoint me at all! Even though I found graphics ass-ugly and camera just awful.

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Weekly progress: fiddling around with Dr. Destructo.

So, Return of Dr. Destructo has been in development for three years already. I first started coding sky drawing routine somewhere around August of 2012. I’m still missing a few pieces of the new art, and mobile versions are not ready, and the new UI broke some screens, because a lot of stuff was hard-coded to save time.

So, for the last week I got back to writing code for this game and fixing things. There isn’t much to report just yet, but you can check out an updated version of High Score screen:

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This blog has suffered a catastrophic failure due to my error in managing my web server. All posts are gone, and there are no backups. So, I’m starting from scratch. I’ll be keeping current theme for now, and I’ll try to write more often. My friends say this site is where projects come do die, and I want to change that 🙂

As for old posts, some of them were just a little bit popular and had incoming links from other sites. I’ll try to restore a few of those under old URLs from drafts I have on my desktop’s HDD, but everything related to Razgriz’s OpenHorizon project is gone (beyond downloads). Razgriz himself is no longer going to work on OpenHorizon because of lack of interest.

As for me, I still hope to release Return of Dr. Destructo some time in the future, and I also maybe have a new project going, but I’ll wait a bit before posting any details.

If you have any particular questions about content of old posts or state of various old projects, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to answer.

Update: Razgriz took upon himself to re-create his posts about OpenHorizon. He might be back to working on it.