This blog has suffered a catastrophic failure due to my error in managing my web server. All posts are gone, and there are no backups. So, I’m starting from scratch. I’ll be keeping current theme for now, and I’ll try to write more often. My friends say this site is where projects come do die, and I want to change that 🙂

As for old posts, some of them were just a little bit popular and had incoming links from other sites. I’ll try to restore a few of those under old URLs from drafts I have on my desktop’s HDD, but everything related to Razgriz’s OpenHorizon project is gone (beyond downloads). Razgriz himself is no longer going to work on OpenHorizon because of lack of interest.

As for me, I still hope to release Return of Dr. Destructo some time in the future, and I also maybe have a new project going, but I’ll wait a bit before posting any details.

If you have any particular questions about content of old posts or state of various old projects, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to answer.

Update: Razgriz took upon himself to re-create his posts about OpenHorizon. He might be back to working on it.

I'm a video games programmer. I have worked in game industry since 2008 on MMOs and mobile games, but now I work for Owlcat Games on great old-school RPGs. In my free time, I like to play rock'n'roll on my guitar and travel.

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