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    1. The question is not silly, this essential feature is not yet implemented. Maybe in the next demo.

      1. Cool. I have some issues and suggestion :

        1. Random crashes. I only tried out the custom decals. It crashes at random times during loading times. The 6th Demo ran without crashes in my computer.
        2. The GPB does not actually home to the targets. Sometimes it falls right where the circle is, sometimes it’s a distant miss. It doesn’t catch up with moving targets too. It feels almost like UGB but with a fancier lock on that doesn’t actually work.
        3. Maybe you could implement a feature to change the individual colors of all other aircraft in Mission Editor? I would like to be able to assign different colors of my allies and the enemies if the planes happen to be the same. It would be nice if I could use the customized decals as well.

        1. 1. That’s a serious issue. Does it only happens with custom decals? If so, I need some of yours for testing, because I don’t have crashes =(
          2. Current implementation only calculate proper initial velocity, I don’t usually use UGBs so may misunderstood the mechanics. Can you confirm, that it should track moving targets like a homing missile?
          3. Those planes doesn’t have any other colors. I have plans to add ace planes that would have custom colors in the next demo, however, I’m not sure about customized decals because it’s not the same models that player use. Well, I’ll figure something out.

          1. 1. I removed my custom decals and the result is still the same. I experienced crashes when loading sample mission Zone with Su-37 and Free Flight in Tokyo with Su-37.
            2. Yes it does. I tried the normal game in Hostile Fleet with F-117 and its GPB. I dropped the GPB from maximum range at the first moving frigate. The impact point is right where the locked on target is, not the predicted impact radius. The ship already left the impact zone but the bomb still hits. Tried it twice. I also tried it on the fast moving Missile ACVs. Perfect hits on the ships. Unlike Infinity’s bombs, in ACAH, if the bomb hits the water, it does no damage to the targets within the impact zone even if the bomb hits the water right next to the ship. So the GPBs must’ve tracked the target.

              1. Both the Zone mission and Tokyo Free Flight crashed. Now with even more planes, not only the Su-37. Is something wrong with this one map?

          2. About the custom decals for AI planes, is the customization the same as Texmod’s method? I think in Texmod it redirects the program to read our own textures in the mod package instead of the game’s default textures. That way, I could theoretically replace every single available textures in the game. So far I’ve succeeded in modding the AI’s textures using Texmod. I wonder if the same method could be done to customize the AI’s textures. I have little knowledge about programming, so I could be wrong. I have the feel that it’s really not that easy…

      2. More issues about weapon bays.

        1. F-22A’s 4AAM aren’t lowered when the underbelly bay is opened.
        2. Su-47’s QAAM are teleported outside and inside when bay is opened and closed respectively.
        3. F-35B’s and ASF-X’s weapon bays are opened when switching to SP weapons even though their weapons are stored externally. F-35B’s left bay isn’t closed properly, the right one is fine.
        4. PAK-FA’s weapon bays are not opened or closed properly.

        1. I know about those animation issues, but it has less priority than game mechanics. Thanks for reporting anyway.

  1. For some reason does not run the mission editor, the screen on the center where objects should appear is blank, well that happens to me since you released the mission editor. I can navigate within the editor options as this is not freeze.

            1. Please re-download. It’s now using QOpenGLWidget instead of deprecated QGLWidget

  2. Another question if I may. Do I have to complete the script down to mission end conditions to make the function init texts appear?

    1. Also, how are the custom skins sorted in the aircraft selection after I inserted multiple skins on the same plane? Alphabetically? Date modified? Depending on the real folder’s sorting?

      It would be easier to find if the custom decals’ names could appear in the selection, unlike the real PC ACAH which failed miserably in this very issue.

      1. I’ve reuploaded, so you now can name your decals with attribute “name” (see example decal). You can also help me if you put names of notable decals in aircrafts.xml

        1. That’s better. Sure, I can do that. So I send the aircrafts.xml back to your e-mail after I name them?

            1. xml sent. I had extra time, so I named every single decals currently available. I also tidied up the xml. It was quite messy and confusing when I downloaded it, I don’t think it did any harm. Tested it without any issue. If you don’t mind, I also moved the Tornado to its proper place in the actual game, that is below the F-2A.

  3. Fixed opening internal bay with external weapon storage, also GPB’s initial velocity prediction now includes target’s velocity, works almost fine now. That was the last fixes, I’m now working on the next demo.

  4. Important issue of OPEN HORIZON is is that it’s impossible to missile attack. If you try to avoid much, it’s being shot down against the missile. To add a flare, you should Toka 1.5 times Indent than the speed of fighter the speed of the missile. It’s lower induction ability.

    1. I think the actual issue is the lack of difficulty settings, I agree that Open Horizon may be a little difficult and needs tuning. You can use Su-24 with ECM as a workaround.

  5. In my opinion, it is impossible to maneuver the missile approach appears to be a serious problem. This is the most urgent need to fix it.

    1. It’s only impossible when enemy is tightly on your six. Anti-missile maneuvers like https://defenseissues.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/evasion-g-2.jpg and https://defenseissues.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/evasion-g.jpg works just fine in Open Horizon, especially combined with a slight break. Of course if your speed is already low, you would not be ably to evade, that’s why https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_specific_energy is the most important thing for an air combat.

  6. Found more bugs.

    1. When I set the HUD off in a created mission, (for clear screenshots of the custom decals), and I switch to another mission, the HUD remains deactivated. It’s like the script to turn it off is carried over.

    2. When zones are set to inactive but I pass through these inactive zones, the scripts associated with the zones are still activated. It resulted in loops of scripted radios until I leave the zone, and premature activation of new assets.

    1. Adding more to that, turning off the zone after entering (set_active(zone, false)) doesn’t stop the scripts too. The zone visually disappears but the other scripts remain active.

    2. Fixed. Also fixed Su-37’s colors, you can now fix other broken colors too via aircrafts.xml

      1. Thanks. It’s all good now. Honestly I’m not quite sure what to do with the R G B. I have the original game for color reference but I don’t really know how to “translate” the color into R G B values.
        By the way, what color names are supported for the setup_radio script? Are there more than “blue”, “red”, “green”, and “white”?

        1. I’ll give it a shot. I think I saw some incorrect colors on other planes too. I just noticed that Harrier’s third skin (Color02 here) is missing. Is it an error or intentional?

  7. There is an issue with a gamepad, it worked fine on demo 6 but in this build the joystick axis all default to -axis4, I tried replacing the joystick.XML file with the one from demo 6 and encountered the same issue.

  8. Do you have ETA for the next development? How many months until the next demo version?

  9. I’ve managed to enter multiplayer in one computer by running two open horizon exes at once. Is the multiplayer playable on two computers? If yes, how do I set things up? Is it possible through ad-hoc?

    1. Of course you can, that’s the purpose of multiplayer. If your ISP doesn’t provide public ip, you can use hamachi or openvpn to play through the internet. You can also play via LAN.

    2. It seems something is really unstable. At one point we were able to play deathmatch for more than 2 hours without interruption, but right now we can barely fly for 5 seconds without losing connection to the host. Our internet connections are good and fast.

      1. Well, I’ve done some tests and it was OK. As nobody was using this feature, I stopped working on it. However, I’m not sure if I can do much about this disconnection problem. Maybe automatic reconnection attempts on sudden socket disconnection could help, but it’s not something I could fix fast, as it also involves additional logic for accumulating important messages on server for temporary lost clients, etc.

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