10 thoughts on “How to create custom decals for Open Horizon

  1. This is just great, I followed your project from some time ago, as in steam ACAH game was becoming something boring game.

    2 interesting things I found, the Tornado GR.4, apparently if it is within the code of the game for some strange reason that came out in the PC port. If I am not wrong, there is a remix of the soundtrack of “eyes” electric guitar + drums.

    Download the Open Horizon Demo 6th when I run I get the window as Horizon 5th Open Demo

    Great job, I wait eagerly more about this project.

      1. mmm… that I did just for me I’m a fan of BRS :), but if you want you can make one, would need the fighter and character, or an image you want to put the fighter

  2. Hi. I’ve been following your development for awhile, and this addition for custom skins is just perfect. I’ve been skin modding ACAH using TexMod myself, and I’m so glad that I can finally use my customized skins for this too. Looking forward for more contents! Can I insert a bump texture to it, though? My skin designs using TexMod also made use of the bump textures.
    By the way, I’m interested in the Tornado GR.4. Is it by default available in the PC game’s data or did you add it from PS3/X360 data? I’ve always wanted to make skins for it too.

    1. >I’m interested in the Tornado GR.4. Is it by default available
      >Can I insert a bump texture to it
      No. Please wait for the next demo.

  3. The Tornado GR.4 was already in PC ACAH contents but Namco didn’t put that in PC release and players access ! I tried and found about that while I was testing PC ACAH contents .

  4. Finally back on my Main Computer after so long time, already tested the 6th Demo(and looking foward for the release of 7th demo for testing the mission editor). from all the demos i tested and played so far, this is one i´m especially wanted to see. XD

    I already was working on custom skins for Assault Horizon thanks by the Texmod support, and now i can use some of the skins that i already made for AH, on Open Horizon 6th demo. i already ported some of my skins on it, also some screenshots of some of my skins running on Open Horizon.

    Keep going with the nice work you´re making, and looking foward for the next releases.

    1. Nice work. I’ve fixed holes in planes and added specular decals in the 7th demo.

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