Ludum Dare 33

Hey, everybody! This weekend, I took a part in creating a game for Ludum Dare competition. The result is called “Play”, and is made with Unity. You can check it out here.

Competition’s theme, selected by voting, was “You are monster”. We thought long and hard about different kind of gameplay and setting that would fit it, and came up with a number of really interesting ideas. Unfortunately, most of them were just too resource-heavy for a three-day competition, so we had to settle for a simpler one. Player controls Monster Under The Bed, but our monster is not evil. Quite the opposite: he wants to help his child, a small girl, to overcame her fears. The girl fears monsters and fire. We can’t do much about the first one, beyond avoiding getting into her sight, but to help her with fear of fire, we can make her play with the right toys. First, a random toy needs to be dislodged from its place on a shelf, which can be accomplished by bumping into its leg. Then, we should nudge they toy into girl’s path, so she would notice it, without being seen ourselves. To complicate the problem a bit, other, evil monsters, represented by tongues of flame, wander around the room, trying to scare the girl. If she sees too much of them, or of us, she will get really scared, and the games is over.

And that’s pretty much all. It’s a simple game, I would even say a bit too simple for my tastes, but three-day limit makes it hard to do something more complex. At least, I think, we have nice visuals. And it’s fun to play volleyball with the toy ball, even if it has nothing to do with game’s goal 🙂

I'm a video games programmer. I have worked in game industry since 2008 on MMOs and mobile games, but now I work for Owlcat Games on great old-school RPGs. In my free time, I like to play rock'n'roll on my guitar and travel.

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