Open Horizon progress report

After a long period of time you expected some major updates? (insert Sayaka pun here). Still, there are a lot of things done – clouds, post-processing, landscape data, fixes, and also dlc pack’m still working on accurate shader reversing and post-process effects to get the same image Horizon next goal is air combat. Soon.

8 thoughts on “Open Horizon progress report

  1. You are doing great man . Thank you very much . I have some great news for you and other AC fans soon . I am working on it alternatively . I don’t have your skills and talents , but I have my own style . you will find out soon . I hope we may co-operate .

  2. Hi there again . you are doing great . I love your ideas and reaaaaalllllly can’t wait to see the demos . Please release a demo of what you have done until now . I loooooooove to see what is going on . I know you have a loooong way to final demo . But it would be great and lovely to see what is going on . I appreciate your hard work . I just can’t wait .

      1. No , I have to thank you for your efforts . I count seconds to see the Demo . I am working on my own project and will be happy to show you and other AC fans . I am faaaaar away from someone like you . You are expert and great in programming . Thank you again for doing a great work on this project .

          1. Awesome man , awesome . Unbelievable . That was great , superior , premiere , fabulous . I enjoyed it a lot . I don’t know how to thank you for your favor my friend . you released in less than a day despite saying 1 or 2 days for release . Thank you Thank you . Please keep up your great work .

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